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The below information details how your data will be used in relation to LIBSS 2022. When you register for the symposium we collect personal information about you such as name, address, email, phone etc. In addition the payment gateway records the details of the instrument used for the transaction.

We may share information with third parties such as the venue for dietary or special access requirements, a limited delegate list(email addresses) with sponsors or your finance department for invoicing. If required, we will also share your attendance signature with the relevant CPD authority.

Information such as your name, job title, organisation, photo and biography may be shared publicly on the website and social media, and, to delegates within the programme. Personal information as well as your presentation may also be shared with our AV company.

Virtual Conference Platform & Programme
A list of all registered attendees may be added to the conference website/app and programme which is available only to registered attendees and exhibitors. This includes your name and organisation and does not include contact information. Your name and organisation will also appear on your name badge.

Photographs may be taken during sessions, break times, exhibition and social events which may be shared on our website and social media. If you wish to be excluded from photographs please contact us prior to the event start date.

We will communicate with you via email, phone or whatsapp which may include event and booking details.

Any queries/concerned maybe addressed to the conference team at [email protected]

Organising Team
LIBSS 2022